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SPWI UI 2019 - Digital Disruption: The Dawn of Digitalization
Seminar, Talkshow, dan Workshop
06 April 2019 - 14 April 2019 Balai Sidang Universitas Indonesia, Conclave (TB Simatupang), dan Aula Boedi Harsono (FH Universitas Indonesia)

Event Overview


Hello Future Leaders,

SPWI UI is coming back in 2019 with brand new topics and events!

Which highlights one of the most recent, most discussed, & most influential issue in the current industries.

SPWI 2019 proudly presents this year’s theme:

“Digital Disruption: The Dawn of Digitalization"

Have you ever wonder why online ride sharing grows exponentially in past years? Or notice that man of us don't like the idea of grocery shopping with actually stepping on a supermarket anymore since we have great delivery systems?

If you have, then join us as we unravel the world of digital disruption, something that is much more powerful than anyone would have thought. Get insights from actual business doers and listen to high-profile names making analysis of the market just for you! this is a big opportunity to win big in the game of the future.

And here it is! The series of events on SPWI UI 2019

1. Seminar (35k)
2. Workshop (65k)
3. Talkshow (35k)

4. Competition:

  • Poster Competition
  • Business Case Competition

For the price, We also have special package for you

  • Seminar+Talkshow : 60k
  • All events : 120k

Join and participate in one of the greatest event on Industrial Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.

Click the link below for registration:

Click the link below for the Poster and Business Case Competition registration:

See you in the future!

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